Pride Inside announces LGBT festival line-up

Pride Inside — the online LGBT festival organised by Kerry Pride, Killarney Pride, Black Pride Ireland, Galway Pride, Limerick Pride, Mayo Pride, and Sligo Pride — is delighted to announce the line-up of events happening from the 11th-19th of July.

Opening on Saturday, July 11th with Limerick Pride’s virtual parade and closing on Sunday, July 19th with Cuppa T with Tina D, a chat show hosted by the drag artist Tina D; Pride Inside is a week long festival full of online classes, workshops, panel discussions, watch parties, quizzes, music, and live streamed performances. 

Morgan Queeney, Chair of Kerry Pride said; “Pride Inside is here to celebrate the vast and beautiful LGBTQIA+ family that exists in rural Ireland, and particularly the west. We’re a family, and to quote a wise person “family means no one gets left behind.” Please join us in delivering the best online festival we can do by donating to our GoFundMe! Your donation will not just support one Pride, but seven Prides and all the people we’re trying to celebrate with.” 

The Pride Inside online fundraiser is available here — and the money raised will be put towards entertainment and the correct equipment to stream what is guaranteed to be a lively and exciting virtual pride experience. We’ve got some of the finest talents in the West — and indeed in Ireland —  waiting to put on a fantastic show.

 Pride Inside events

 Saturday 11th:

  1. Limerick Pride, Virtual Parade.

  2. Pridefest, (online) Bloc Party featuring DJ Olivia Chau.

  3. Galway Film Fleadh.

 Sunday 12th:

  1. Anseo agus Aitcadh, queer chat as gaeilge.

  2. Cuppa T with Tina D, chat show with a drag queen host.

  3. Queer Eye, Netflix watch party.

  4. Galway Film Fleadh.

 Monday 13th:

  1. Fitness and Dance online class.

  2. LGBT+ Art and Expression Panel – This talk is based around the way we as a community express ourselves. When we create art, is this influenced in any way by LGBT identity? Discussion of LGBT+ identity as featured in the media, and how we can use art to connect with others. Speakers include photographers, writers, artists, and media critics. Open to all.

  3. Mental Health and Resilience Panel – Mental Health is a topic that applies to all people, but how can it specifically affect people in the LGBT+ community? What is the research, what are the resources, and what are some acts of self-care that we can do? We speak to mental health professionals and charity volunteers to learn more. Open to all.

  4. Disclosure, Netflix watch party.

 Tuesday 14th:

  1. Fitness and Dance online class.

  2. Bi+ Community Panel – This panel will discuss experiences that affect Bisexual+ people; erasure, being bi+ in LGBT spaces, being bi+ in rural spaces, and finding your bi+ community. Open to all.

  3. Black Pride Panel – This panel will feature queer artists, activists, and residents of Direct Provision. Speakers gather together to discuss art, politics, and being BIPOC and queer in modern Ireland with the challenges and pride it brings. Panel hosted by Black Pride Ireland. Open to all.

  4. Pose, Netflix watch party.

 Wednesday 15th:

  1. Yoga online class.

  2. Embroidery online class.

  3. We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Rural Panel – This panel will discuss the different ways LGBT+ identity is forged in different environments. Some speakers grew up rural and moved away, some grew up in different cities or countries and moved to rural Ireland thereafter. This panel will discuss the specific challenges and joys of seeing LGBT+ visibility in rural spaces. Open to all.

  4. A Secret Love, Netflix watch party.

 Thursday 16th:

  1. Zumba online class.

  2. Sexual Health Panel – In this workshop on sexual health we discuss why safe sex is fun sex, LGBT+ sex education, resources for LGBT+ people, and asexuality. Open to those over 18.

  3. Trans and Non-Binary Identity Panel – This is a panel discussion on being trans, gender dysphoria and euphoria, resources for trans people in rural Ireland, a brief outline of the healthcare system, and trans community. Open to all.

  4. Live Performance, livestream.

 Friday 17th:

  1. Yoga online class.

  2. Coming Out Workshop – Coming Out is a workshop that covers the topic of taking those first steps out of the closet and into the light. Feeling ‘ready’, practicing empathy for those undertaking this often nerve-wrecking step, and a Q&A to follow all included. Open to all.

  3. Queer Belonging Talk  – Morgan Queeney presents on what it is to find queer community, and growing up queer in modern Ireland. For many people, and especially youths, finding people like you can feel like a sometimes impossible task. The speaker talks through the process, emotional health, and their experience with Pride.

  4. ScEEN in Kerry Website Launch – This is a panel about LGBT+ Visibility in Co. Kerry. Listowel FRC commissioned research called ‘Living in Kerry’ – An LGBT+ Perspective’ in 2018 in partnership with KDYS and the HSE. The recommendations lead to the birth of a Listowel FRC working group called ‘ScEEN in Kerry’ whose aim is to develop a sustainable LGBT+ virtual resource hub that promotes inclusion, equality and wellbeing and whose mission is to build a vibrant, healthy LGBT+ community in Co. Kerry for years to come. Open to all.

  5. Live Performance, livestream.

 Saturday 18th:

  1. Pride in Our Country – This is a panel discussion featuring speakers from different Prides across the island. Featuring hilarious founding fumbles, obstreperous obstacles, and victorious events. Open to all.

  2. The Big Party!! featuring performances, music, competitions, prizes and more.

  3. DJ Performance, livestream.

 Sunday 19th:

  1. Cooking online class.

  2. Queer D&D, Dungeons and Dragons playing session.

  3. Chill Painting online class.

  4. Anseo agus Aitcadh, queer chat as gaeilge.

  5. Cuppa T with Tina D, chat show with a drag queen host.


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