Reissue Of Eleven-Year-Old Trans Story Using Original Pronouns

Author Robert Joseph Greene – Image:

Icon Empire Press will be reissuing the short story created by Canadian author, Robert Joseph Greene, entitled ‘Halo’s Golden Circle’ using the original pronouns.

The fictional story tells of the halo which is used in the iconography of many religions to indicate holy or sacred figures. The story was written as if it’s the missing book from the Christian biblical canon (the Old Testament). Halo and his bother, Marr, mirror the biblical Cain and Able story with a twist — God sends a harpist with music from the heavens to console Halo, when his farm fields are destroyed. It is Halo’s sister-in-law, Aliesha, who performs the transformation on the harpist to make her more appealing to Halo.

“At the time, single person pronoun gender change after transformation was relatively new and Icon Empire Press relied on consulting editors to advise them” says Greene.

Wanting to have biblical theologians review the story was the reason the editors asked Greene to keep the pronouns consistent throughout the story, even though the harpist completed the transformation into a transgendered female.

“I objected to the change but I was out-numbered by both my publisher and the consulting editor. I always felt that this was a disservice to the transgendered community as it was the whole point of the story.”

The story came about because Greene wanted to give a positive transgendered story that was both accepting and romantic.

The short story ‘Halo’s Golden Circle’ first appeared in Greene’s anthology, and is now reissued under the following:

‘The Gay Icon Classics of the World -Revised edition’ (ISBN 9781927124437/eISBN 9781927124444)

which has now been reissued to reflect the change. The story has since been reviewed by several prominent international theologians, including the first openly gay orthodox rabbi, Stephen Greenberg, who felt it was “a wonderful story.”

Icon Empire Press is a publisher of literary works by LGBTQ+ authors exploring the human spirit.

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