US: LGBTQ History Project launches Podcast

August Bernadicou is a 26-year-old gay historian, who has conducted hundreds of interviews with famous and not-so-famous LGBTQ activists, since he was 14.

With his newly formed nonprofit, the LGBTQ History Project, he is archiving their important stories, and sharing them with the world.

Earlier this year, August launched the QueerCore Podcast, which celebrates his interviews, and elucidates radical LGBTQ activists’ dark histories, and spotlights the catalysts who contributed to the creation of the queer community, and civil rights.

Season One features Rumi Missabu, Reverend Troy Perry, Dr. Donald Kilhefner, Jewel Thais-Williams, and more.

August has produced compelling and accessible stories, that thankfully won’t be lost to time. The QueerCore podcast is now there for the greater LGBTQ community to enjoy.

LGBTQ History Project:

QueerCore Podcast:

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