Trans themed ‘The Right Girls’ Documentary Streaming Now


The Right Girls Documentary On Streaming Services Now

This award-winning film from Timothy Wolfer highlights the journey of transgender immigrants along the Migrant Caravan.

Come along on a perilous journey as three young, transgender migrants seek out freedom in the documentary, The Right Girls.

Winner of “Best Documentary” at the New York City Independent Film Festival and an official selection at the Brooklyn Film Festival, Seattle Transgender Film Festival and LA Queer Film Festival, The Right Girls is a story of three young transgender women from El Salvador and Honduras – Valentyna, Joanne, and Chantal – who attempt to travel from Southern Mexico to the US border within the high-profile 2018 Migrant Caravan. They develop deep friendships as they walk and hitch rides northward, coping with physical exhaustion, limited funds and regular harassment.

They team up with other transgender women along the route and begin to integrate themselves within the caravan’s LGBTQ community, finding hope among the ruins. As they trek the thousands of miles needed to reach their dreams, their relationships face the ultimate test.

The film’s director, Timothy Wolfer, was disturbed by the inflammatory rhetoric President Trump was spreading about the caravan in early 2018, and decided to fly to southern Mexico to explore the human side of migrants on their road to a better life.

Within his first 24-hours in Mexico, he met Valentyna, Joanne, and Chantal, who agreed to let him document their journey. This cinema verité-style film features no narration, and allows the women to share their own experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – with the viewer. Wolfer has spent the last 12 years creating films around issues of humanitarian aid and migration, including his 2011 feature, Adopting Haiti.

“The Right Girls is an unforgettable story of adventure, friendship and most importantly, equality,” says Mathew Levy, senior director of sales and acquisitions for Passion River.

“We are honored to bring this essential story to the world when it is more important than ever to have a shred of hope that it’s truly okay to be who we are, no matter the cost.”

The Right Girls is being distributed by Passion River and is available for streaming audiences in Ireland on iTunes, GooglePlay, and YouTube now. The film’s soundtrack by Zachary Walter will be available for download on Spotify.

A portion of all proceeds for the film will go towards the Santa Fe Dreamers Project, to provide legal services for transgender migrants.


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