Trans and Gay Characters Center Stage in a New Orchestral Work By Michael J. Evans

A new kind of story is making its way to classical audiences around the world on October 9th.

With THE ADVENTURES OF FLORIAN, composer Michael J. Evans presents an epic, modern adaptation of Henry Beston’s fairy tale of the same name, reframing the story into a tale that features a trans hero. Together with the colorful, dreamlike imagery in Appoline Etienne’s illustrations in the accompanying YouTube video, the album’s uplifting message is accessible to both kids and their families.

In FLORIAN, Evans brings LGBT characters into the spotlight, to improve their representation, and educate audiences on the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. Evans says:
“In my first reading of the story I couldn’t help but be struck by the parallels between the events in the lives of the characters and those of so many LGBT people; being an overachiever, being sent away by their parents, (Prince Florizel), seeing themself as a different gender than the body they were born into (Florian), and, for both characters, the eventual coming out and revealing of their truth.”

Here, Evans gives us a behind-the-scenes look at FLORIAN and his goals of representation, saying:

“I want gay and transgender children to see themselves as the heroes of stories.”
The single ‘Isabella’ is now available from Navona Records, and the full orchestral album performed by the Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra will be available Friday, October 9th.

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