BeLonG To: For LGBTI+ Youth, ‘Coming Out’ is the Biggest Issue

BeLonG To sat down recently with their Frontline Team to look at the top presenting issues for LGBTI+ young people in their service, and they wanted to share some insights with you.

Their most recent data highlights the fact that ‘coming out’ is the main challenge LGBTI+ youth face today, with 58% of their Dublin users reaching out for support about coming out as LGBTI+ this year.

Over the past nine months, they have seen an 88% spike in demand for their vital services, with LGBTI+ youth presenting with issues relating to coming out (58%), being transgender (18%), and mental health challenges (14%).

This Sunday, October 11th, marks International Coming Out Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the positive impact, and challenges, faced by LGBT + people, in coming out around the world.

Coming out can allow individuals to live an open, authentic, and fulfilling life as themselves, and reduces some of the stress and anxiety many people feel when they are hiding part of themselves, who they are, or who they love. Many LGBTI+ people say that coming out to family and friends feels like lifting a massive weight off their shoulders.

Saying that, BeLonG To always remind LGBTI+ youth to consider whether they feel safe coming out, and remember that they don’t need to tell anyone, until they are ready. Coming out is a choice, not an obligation.

BeLonG To are there to support young people who are questioning their sexual orientation and gender identity. They have created a handy Coming Out Guide for Young People and a Coming Out: A Guide for Parents.

Their Frontline Team are there to offer support, information and a listening ear for LGBTI+ youth and family members. Please reach out if you need them.

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