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Cork Kicks Off New LGBT-Inclusive Rugby Team

A new rugby club has been launched in Cork City, which seeks to invite and include LGBT players in the sport, as well as their straight friends and allies.

The Cork Hellhounds Rugby Club was founded this month in association with the Gay Project, and training has begun already with a mixture of new and experienced players.

Cork is no stranger to gay-inclusive sports and athletic teams, with both the Cork Frontrunners and Cork Rebels FC catering to running and football enthusiasts respectively. The new rugby team, however, is a first for the Leeside city, and the Hellhounds intend to take part in the Munster domestic league over the coming months.

“This is a great moment for sport in Cork,” said club founder, Adam O’Brien, “as there is still a perception, despite recent years of social progress on LGBT issues, that sport is one area that can be exclusive to LGBT people. Other cities have LGBT-inclusive rugby teams, including Dublin and Belfast, and they have seen great participation from both gay players and straight friends who wish to support and get involved. We’d love to see the same experience available in Cork, and we’re already off to a good start.”

The Cork Hellhounds also intend to become members of International Gay Rugby, which organises several league competitions, including the Bingham Cup, also known as the Gay Rugby World Cup.

The Cork Hellhounds train weekly at the Glen Resource & Sports Centre on the northside of the city, and are actively inviting players, regardless of previous rugby experience. For more information, you can email rugby@gayproject.ie or follow @corkhellhounds on Instagram.

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