Film: Mixed↑ debuting on OUTtv and OUTtvGo on November 11th

It has just been announced that Mixed↑ (MixedUp), the feature film directorial debut from multi-disciplinary artist, Howard J. Davis (aka HAUI), will launch on OUTtv on November 11th, 2020. The film, born out of HAUI’s own experiences as a queer and BIPOC person, takes a look at what it means to be mixed in today’s society. This personal documentary-arthouse film is a reclaimed book of genesis; a manifesto that merges the wildly diverse elements of being queer, mixed and ‘different’, in a world socialised around the construction of race, gender, and orientation. 

Mixed↑ follows Haui, as he combats the isolation of being BIPOC and LGBTQ2+, and helps to normalise the existence of being ‘other’. The film features testimonials from HAUI’s biological and found family, including actress and activist, Tantoo Cardinal; stage and screen performer, Thom Allison; multidisciplinary artist, Jani Lauzon, and features the musical talents of Canadian opera singer, Isaiah Bell, singer/songwriter, Alex St. Kitts and Canadian gem, Jeremiah Sparks. Co-produced by trans filmmaker and producer, Jack Fox, Mixed↑ demands that we celebrate the beauty of being unique, without negating the struggle to find inner cohesion.

“Explaining my mixed heritage to people is like coming out of the closet every time. This film is a deeply personal work that follows my story as I learn to contend with living in a world socialized around the construction of race, gender, and orientation. Too often, BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ people are deemed as ‘other’ when we may not necessarily feel that way. This film is a love letter to my dad while also addressing certain stigmas around sexuality and is a celebration of what it means to [be] ‘mixed up’, which I wear and brandish proudly. We must take ownership of our own narratives. I AM BLACK. I AM WHITE. I AM QUEER. I AM HERE,” says Mixed↑ writer/director HAUI.

Mixed↑ is about acknowledging our past in order to move forward conscientiously, and aims to help normalise the existence of underrepresented communities.

HAUI is a diverse multi-disciplinary entrepreneur of many artistic trades, including filmmaking, performing & visual arts. He was the recipient of ByBlack’s People’s Choice Award for Best Filmmaker in 2019. Career highlights so far have been directing his internationally screened and award-winning short film C’est Moi, about the history of Marie-Josephe Angelique, working with Marie Clements on her feature film, Red Snow, working with Tantoo Cardinal on an upcoming project, and a devised collective theatre work about the history of Canadian singer, Portia White, which is currently in development through the support of the Ontario Arts Council, National Ballet of Canada’s Open Space Residency and Caravan Farm National Playwright’s Retreat. 

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