Free mental health support for Galway LGBT+

Amach!LGBT Galway are launching a programme of workshops online to help the LGBT+ community in Galway look after their mental health. The series of workshops will begin on Wednesday, 4 November from 7pm-8pm, and will continue for six weeks. They will be facilitated by Dr. Ger McNamara, Clinical Psychologist.

Launching the series of workshops, Helen Mortimer, Coordinator at Amach!LGBT Galway said:

“Facing into another six weeks of a lockdown, the LGBT+ community are losing access to their support groups and systems. Many are facing difficult situations, so we feel it’s important to provide a way for the LGBT+ community to look after their own mental health.

“These free workshops provide a way for participants to set aside time weekly to look after themselves. Everyone is finding these new restrictions challenging so we need to do what we can to care for our mental health.

“Galway has a vibrant, active LGBT+ community so we hope that people can get involved in the workshops and spread the word. We don’t want anyone to feel isolated or alone during this time.”

The facilitator of the workshops, Dr. Ger McNamara, is a clinical psychologist who works in adult mental health. Dr McNamara has a special interest in LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy, both in clinical practice and research

Those looking for further information, or wishing to take part in the workshops, can get in touch by emailing:

Further information on Amach!LGBT Galway can be found here.

This project is supported by Healthy Ireland, Pobal, Galway City Local Community Development Committee, Department of Health, and Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

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