Dance: Liz Roche Company – The Complex, Dublin – Dec 11 & 12

Liz Roche Company will premiere a new dance work this December, a film installation-performance entitled: Alternately Terrific and Gentle, at THE COMPLEX, 21-25 Arran St. East, Smithfield, Dublin on Friday 11 & Saturday 12, December (

2 collaborating artists in 7 countries make a new dance transmission project between moving bodies connected by friendships, histories and coincidences – performing in one place

Taking a different approach to making dance, in collaboration with Irish and International artists, Liz Roche, Jodi  Melnick and Jenny Roche have created a new dance trio, and have passed their creative baton to a further group of collaborating artists, who are individually interpreting the piece, while bringing their own distinctive creative voices to the shared movement material.

Liz Roche is working with filmmaker, José Miguel Jiménez, and a team of filmmakers overseas, to create the films with artists Colin Dunne, Maïa Nunes, Mufutau Yusuf, Paul White, Liv O’Donoghue, Malcolm Low, Jodi Melnick and Justine Cooper, with composition by Robert Boston.  

The film installation (which will include a live performance element too) runs for two days only (with designated time slots due to restrictions) at The Complex, Dublin, on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December

This creative trio of choreographers and dancers are Jodi Melnick (New York), Liz Roche (Dublin) and Jenny Roche (Limerick). They set out to remake the idea of performance, and began creating this new work before and during lockdown, which inspired a series of filmed interpretations, and responses, from a further group of 9 extraordinary choreographers, performers and creative artists, hailing from Trinidad, New York, New Zealand, Chile, Berlin, Brussels, Limerick and Dublin.

Work began on the piece in 2019, and the intention was to make a dance work about transmission between dancing bodies for the stage, that would bring together a group of dance artists from different corners of the world to perform in Dublin.

The piece was to draw on the friendships, histories, and coincidences that connected the dance artists as people, however intimate or distant those connections may be. The heart of the work by Melnick, Roche, and Roche, is movement material from within the trio that they would then teach this to the rest of the group individually over time. 

This programme of dance films will be presented as a film installation with a live performance element (Covid permitting) at The Complex, Dublin on December 11th and 12th 2020 at 5pm, 6.30pm and 8pm on each day. 

Due to restrictions capacity for this event will be extremely limited. 

A small group will be permitted into the space to view the works.

The works can also be enjoyed online on Sunday December 13, at 3pm.


Ticket purchasers will receive a special package by post with creative material enclosed. In the event that restrictions do not allow the live installation to be presented to an audience (or if ticket holders cannot travel to the venue) then the event will be presented online, on Sunday 13th December, at 3pm. Ticket holders will receive an exclusive link and be invited to experience the piece together online.
VENUE: THE COMPLEX, 21-25 Arran St. East, Smithfield, Dublin
DATES:  Friday 11 & Saturday 12 December INSTALLATION – 5pm | 6.30pm | 8pm – €12
Sunday 13 December ONLINE – 3pm – €10
BOOKING: Live Event at The Complex, 11-12 Dec 2020:

Online Event on 13 December 2020, 3pm:

*Approximate duration is 40 minutes
FACEBOOK: @LizRocheCompany  /  @complexdublin
TWITTER: @LizRocheCompany  / @ComplexDublin
INSTAGRAM: @lizrochecompany_  /  @complexdublin
José Miguel Jiménez (Filmmaker – Chile)
Colin Dunne (Dancer/Choreographer – Limerick)
Mufutau Yusuf (Dancer/Choreographer – Ireland/Belgium)
Paul White (Dancer/Choreographer – Australia/Germany)
Liv O’Donoghue (Actor/Dancer/Choreographer -Dublin)
Malcolm Low (Dancer/Choreographer New York)
Justine Cooper (Dancer Ireland/New Zealand)
Maïa Nunes (Visual/Performance – Artist Ireland/Trinidad)
Robert Boston (Composer – New York)
Jodi Melnick (Choreographer-dancer New York)
Jenny Roche (Choreographer-dancer Limerick)
Liz Roche (Choreographer-dancer Dublin)

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