US: CHG – 7th annual ‘Art Collector Starter Kit’ group show

Corey Helford Gallery: Art Collector Starter Kit VII

Annual Group Exhibition

L to R: ‘One Day’ by Hikari Shimoda, ‘Controlled Burn’ by Josie Morway, and ‘Serenity of Mind’ by Miho Hirano


Until January 9, 2021

On Saturday, November 14, downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery proudly presented their seventh annual Art Collector Starter Kit group show, featuring new 12” x 12” works, from artists spanning across the globe, displayed throughout the Main Gallery. To premiere the show, CHG hosted a virtual opening.

Smaller, more affordable new works, by artists that everyone loves, was the inciting idea behind CHG’s popular annual show, when it launched in 2013. Since then, the exhibition has been met with huge crowds and great enthusiasm. The show is back for its seventh installment, ACSK VII, and is bigger than ever, featuring top artists in the New Contemporary art scene.

For more info and an upcoming exhibition schedule, visit and connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The artist line-up for the Art Collector Starter Kit VII group show includes:

Spectral Witnesses by Adrian Cox

Adrian Cox



Andrew Brandou

Andy Adamson

Angela Gram

Arturo García de las Heras

Beau Stanton

Benjamin Constantine

Ben Frost

Bob Dob

Brad Woodfin

Brandi Milne

Buket Savci

Chen-Dao Lee

Chishi Morimura


Chris Remmers

Crystal Morey

Dan Lam

Dena Seiferling

Dewi Plass

Eric Joyner

Erika Sanada


Franc Kaiser

Hanna Jaeun

Happy D

Helice Wen

Hikari Shimoda

Hikaru Narita

Horacio Quiroz

Huang Po Hsun

Hyemi Cho

Ivana Flores

Jana Brike

JD King

Jim McKenzie

Jon Ching

Josie Morway

Kai and Sunny

Kari Tirrell

Kii Arens

Korin Faught

Leegan Koo

Lindsay Parker

The London Police

Lori Nelson

Luke Chueh

Marie Larkin

Mathieu Questel

Messy Desk

Miguel Escobar Uribe

Miho Hirano


Nate Frizzell

Nunzio Paci

Oliver Hibert



Paris Hilton

Paul Frank

Redd Walitzki

Richard J Oliver

Robert Palacios

Roby Dwi Antono

Sean O’Meallie

Shinnosuke Hariya

Soey Milk

Sylvia Ji

Tarntara Sudadung


Tik Ka

Tracy Lewis

Vincent Fink

Yang Cao

Yuka Sakuma

Zoé Byland

The Art Collector Starter Kit VII group show opened on Saturday, November 14 in the Main Gallery, alongside solo shows from Chie Yoshii in Gallery 2, and Bennett Slater in Gallery 3. Corey Helford Gallery is located at 571 S. Anderson St. Los Angeles, CA 90033 [normal hours are Tuesday – Saturday, from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm].

Please note: In order to keep their family of artists, collectors and staff safe, and in compliance with the COVID-19 state-wide mandate, the physical gallery will remain closed until further notice, but can be reached via email at

Corey Helford Gallery (CHG) was first established in 2006 by Jan Corey Helford and her husband, television producer and creator, Bruce Helford (The Conners, Anger Management, The Drew Carey Show, George Lopez) and has since evolved into one of the premier galleries of New Contemporary art. Its goals as an institution are the support and growth of young and emerging, to well-known and internationally established, artists. CHG represents a diverse collection of international artists, primarily influenced by today’s pop culture, and collectively encompassing style genres such as New Figurative Art, Pop Surrealism, Neo Pop, Graffiti, and Street Art. CHG is located in Downtown Los Angeles, in a 12,000 square foot building, presenting new exhibitions approximately every six weeks.

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