BeLonG To: ‘Thank You For Standing Up!’

Image: Blakestown CS

It’s been one week since hundreds of second-level schools took a stand against anti-LGBTI+ bullying and joined BeLonG To for Stand Up Awareness Week 2020.

‘Be yourself’ was a phrase echoed on posters, school corridors, and classroom walls, as students, teachers, and school communities joined together to stand up against homophobic, transphobic, and biphobic bullying. BeLonG To want to say a huge thank you to all of the schools  who took the time to show their support for LGBTI+ students, and participate in Stand Up Awareness Week.  

Click here to view some of the colourful school photos from last week.

This year, during Stand Up Awareness Week, they invited schools to relaunch their Anti-Bullying Policy, ensuring it specifically names homophobic and transphobic bullying. Not only does this send a positive message of solidarity to LGBTI+ students, but it also shows the entire school community that anti-LGBTI+ bullying will not be tolerated.

Following their 2019 School Climate Survey, they know now more than ever how crucial it is that LGBTI+ young people are supported at school.

Experiencing a safe and supportive school environment can help LGBTI+ students to feel less isolated, experience a sense of belonging, and stay in school.

Moninne Griffith of BeLonG To was very pleased with the response to Stand Up Awareness Week. She said:

“I am so proud of all of these students, teachers, and school communities who embraced the message of Stand Up Awareness Week and wanted to share these gorgeous photos with you.”

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