Cork: ‘Irish Landscape & the Sea’ Exhibition at Nano Nagle Place

Photographer: Clare Keogh

Irish Landscape and the Sea

Exhibition by Cork Printmakers at The Print Gallery, Nano Nagle Place

December 2020 – February 2021

Land Under the Waves/Tír Fothoinn is an exhibition by Cork Printmakers at The Print Gallery, Nano Nagle Place, exploring the Irish landscape and the sea. The Print Gallery is a partnership between Nano Nagle Place and Cork Printmakers, a print studio and resource organisation, with over 100 members, based at Wandesford Quay, Cork City. This partnership presents a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy, and purchase, contemporary art by local artists, in the historical setting of Nano Nagle Place.

Exhibiting Artists are John Beasley, Johnny Bugler, Wendy Dison, Angela Gilmour, Debbie Godsell, Deirdre McKenna, and Emma O’Hara. The title takes reference from Celtic mythology and tales of the Otherworld, believed to be reached beneath the water of lakes and oceans. This exhibition celebrates the everlasting relationship between land and sea on this island.

Exhibitions at The Print Gallery change each season, to showcase the diverse talent of Cork Printmakers’ artists, and reflect on themes particular to the environment and people of Cork.

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