BeLonG To: “A space to be unapologetically me”

Lara Fitzsimons in Dear Ireland III

“BeLonG To gave me a space to be unapologetically me”. 

These are the words of 17-year-old Lara Fitzsimons, who attends The Ladybirds – BeLonG To’s youth group for LBT gals, and their non-binary pals.

Last night, Lara performed as part of Dear Ireland III, an Abbey Theatre Production.

Dear Ireland III features a series of three minute postcards from underrepresented voices in Irish society, including Lara, and the brilliant activist and chair of TENI, Sara Philips.

Lara wrote a powerful, honest and moving piece about being LGBTI+ in Ireland today. You can watch it below (at 4.15):

The Ladybirds is just one of the LGBTI+ youth groups we support across Ireland.

You can find out more about our LGBTI+  youth groups here.

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