Gay author Corbin’s ‘Atonement Camp…’ now on Audible

Gay author, Evan J. Corbin’s book, Atonement Camp for Unrepentant Homophobes, has just released an ‘Audible’ adaptation, alongside the print and e-book adaptations. 

The story:

The oldest translation of a Gospel is returned to the world by a secret society long dedicated to its preservation. In it, Jesus explicitly condemns bigotry and homophobia.

In a new world in which LGBTQ passengers receive preferential boarding for flights, and the United States has elected its first lesbian President, Pastor Rick Harris is a stalwart, closeted preacher, who doggedly holds onto his increasingly unpopular convictions.

When an incendiary sermon goes too far and offends an influential family, Rick makes a painful choice to keep his job; he attends an atonement camp run by drag queens for society’s most unrepentant, and terminally incurable, homophobes.

Atonement Camp is immersion therapy for Pastor Harris, and it might be working. An open bar with pedicures, a devastatingly attractive roommate, and an endless supply of glitter help him manage to make new friends.

Soon, however, Rick and his cohorts learn the camp may hold its own secrets. Amid the smiling faces and scantily clad pool boys who staff the camp, a clandestine group plots to discredit the New Revelation, and everything it stands for.

If Rick has the conviction to confront his own hypocrisy, he might be able to uncover the conspirators, with help from his adopted flock – and find new truths within himself.

[Trigger warning!]

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