Toronto: LGBTQ ‘So Fierce Music’ Takes On Music Industry

LGBTQ+ owned and operated company, So Fierce Music, is successfully tackling industry bias, by embracing the very characteristics that some music labels try to erase. So Fierce Music (SFM) is an international LGBTQ+ inclusive entertainment services company, that has exploded onto the electronic dance and pop music scene, with an extensive, worldwide roster of music artists, that has doubled since its inception six months ago.

For years, some elements of the entertainment industry have tried to reshape gender non-conforming artists, to make talent more ‘palatable’ to mainstream audiences. SFM is a queer owned and operated company, that is tackling industry bias, by embracing the very characteristics that some record labels try to erase.
Seeing a need for change, Velvet Code (internationally acclaimed and award-winning) Toronto DJ, Artist and Promoter, launched So Fierce Music, a new kind of music and entertainment company, for artists marginalised and disadvantaged by the mainstream music industry, because of gender or sexual identity.
As CEO/Founder of So Fierce Music, Code states:
“I have experienced first-hand how difficult it is for an LGBTQ+ artist to be seen and heard in the music industry. After all these years, we are still fighting for equal opportunities. It’s time for change.”
Code further adds:
“Honouring someone’s identity, and truly fighting for them every single day has been my most important life mission. It was Lady Gaga who inspired me to move outside of myself and help others reach their musical destiny and achieve their dreams of stardom.”
Erupting onto the musical landscape in August of 2020, SFM has already achieved considerable success with their first release, ‘Thrive’, by label artist, Sofonda.
Reaching over 300,000 plays across all platforms, Sofonda became the highest streaming Canadian drag recording artist of 2020. This year has seen another recent signing, Brandon Hilton, hit the top ten on the US iTunes dance chart, with his new album, REBORN.
So Fierce Music is set to explode in 2021, with a catalogue of new music releases, from their stable of established and up and coming LGBTQ+ artists.

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