Galway LGBT+ community – Free mental health workshops


Free mental health support workshops for Galway LGBT+ community

A new course, aimed at equipping members of the LGBTI+ community in Galway with the skills to cope with stress, is kicking off next Wednesday, 17 February. The six-week course will take place online from 7-8pm on Wednesday evenings, and is FREE.

The course will be facilitated by Dr. Ger McNamara, Clinical Psychologist, and is being run by Amach!LGBT Galway, who represent and advocate on behalf of the LGBTI+ community, in Galway city and county.

Launching the series of workshops, Helen Mortimer, Coordinator at Amach!LGBT Galway said:

“Stress impacts our emotions, cognition and physical and mental health in our everyday life. The current global pandemic is increasing our stress levels. In the current environment of living in an ongoing lockdown, with reduced access to support groups and systems many members of the LGBTI+ community are feeling more isolated and alone than ever.

“These workshops will help people to learn to cope with mental health difficulties they are facing, and we encourage anyone from the LGBTI+ community who is struggling at the moment to get in touch with us.”

The workshops are free, and for adults aged 18+.

The facilitator of the workshops, Dr. Ger McNamara, is a clinical psychologist, who works in adult mental health. Dr McNamara has a special interest in LGBTI+ affirmative therapy, both in clinical practice and research.

Those looking for further information, or wishing to take part in the workshops, can get in touch by emailing:

Further information on Amach!LGBT Galway can be found here.

This project is supported by Healthy Ireland, Pobal, Galway City Council, and Galway Local Community Development Committee.

About Amach!LGBT Galway:

  • Amach!LGBT Galway represent and advocate on behalf of the LGBT+ community in Galway city and county.
  • Drop-ins and physical activities have been transferred online; check out teachsolaislgbt on Instagram.
  • Amach!LGBT deliver education, training and health programmes in addition to support for individuals identifying as LGBT+ and for those who are ‘coming out’.
  • Teach Solais, the ‘home’ for the LGBT+ community has moved to Westside Resource Centre but due to current restrictions, we are not open to the public.

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