Film Trailer: LGBT-themed ‘White Lie’

Rock Salt Releasing: multi-award winning indie drama, ‘WHITE LIE’

Katie (Kacey Rohl) has become a literal poster child on her university campus. Recently diagnosed with cancer, she’s the focal point of an online funding campaign for herself. But, it’s all built on a lie; Katie isn’t sick, and never has been. In her attempts to cover up her continuous lying, she manipulates her trusting girlfriend, Jennifer, both emotionally and financially.

Starring Kacey Rohl (Arrow, Hannibal) as Katie, and Amber Anderson (Emma., Black Mirror) as Jennifer, ‘WHITE LIE’ is about a popular undergrad faking cancer, who struggles to maintain her secret. With Martin Donovan as Doug Arneson, and Connor Jessup (Locke & Key) as Owen.

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