The Everyman: Made in Cork | Play It By Ear

Made in Cork | Play It By Ear: A Selection of Rehearsed Readings

Coming March 2021

The Everyman has announced the upcoming release of Made in Cork | Play It By Ear: a selection of rehearsed readings from its successful audio broadcast programme, all with a very Cork flavour, which will be made available for the month of March.

The Everyman launched Play it by Ear, a programme of live audio broadcasts from The Everyman stage in October 2020. Since then, the theatre has presented 15 live rehearsed readings – performed and streamed live from the stage – as well as 3 live music events, attracting close to 5,000 listeners locally, and globally. Due to the success of their digital programme, The Everyman has now launched Made in Cork | Play It By Ear Rehearsed Readings, allowing audiences to purchase one digital theatre ticket to gain access to the full collection of nine rehearsed audio readings.

Sean Kelly, Executive Director at The Everyman said:

“We are delighted that we are in a position to continue to present high-quality audio broadcasts to our loyal audiences.  We have also responded to the valuable feedback we received asking if the shows could be made available for a longer period so anyone who missed our autumn/winter series can now experience them, on demand, again. We are particularly proud to highlight so many wonderful Cork artists.”

The nine rehearsed readings have a distinctly Cork flavour, acknowledging and celebrating the wealth of creative talent available. Made in Cork | Play It By Ear Rehearsed Readings includes Marion, by Katie Holly, which launched Play it by Ear back in October. The brilliantly funny Marion stars Laura O’Mahony of Cork Comedy troupe Ccahoots fame. The voices of the four faces of Shandon Steeple come alive with a commentary on the city’s inhabitants in The Four Faced Liar, written by Ger Fitzgibbon. Lex Talionis (A Tale of Vengeance & Feathers) by Liam Heylin, is a play about savage craic on the streets of Cork. Two Lord Mayors, by James McKeon and Patrick Talbot, was inspired by the extraordinary events in the city in 1920 and the two men at the centre of those events, Tomás MacCurtain and Terence MacSwiney. Second City Trilogy, which comprises three stage plays, The Cure, When I Was God, and After Luke by Cónal Creedon, is a tragicomic exploration of various father-son relationships, set against the social, historical, and topography of Cork City. The Misfit Mythology by Irene Kelleher, tells the story of a dark secret in a small Irish town and The Herd by John McCarthy, is a big-hearted ode to family and relationships — and death and butchery.

Sophie Motley, newly appointed Artistic Director of The Everyman added:

“It is essential for us to connect with our audiences, and at the same time maintain our support of local artists. Entertainment, theatre, and the arts are a much needed escape from the turmoil we are all living through right now. The Made in Cork | Play It By Ear Rehearsed Readings collection is pure Cork escape into audio worlds of comedy, drama, feathers, and steeples. We are lucky to have so many brilliant artists in Cork, and we’re proud to share their work with you. Our very own ‘Audible’ play readings, written by Cork artists, performed by Cork actors, recorded and streamed from the iconic Cork theatre, The Everyman. Listen to them all…!” 

Made in Cork | Play It By Ear Rehearsed Readings will be available from Monday 1st March to Wed 31st March.

Tickets: €18 to access the full compilation for the month of March.

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