US: LGBTQ Author Publishes Road Trip Memoir

‘Where This Could Take Us: Navigating Anxiety and Desire 10,000 Miles Across North America’, by Ellie Oren, chronicles a 10,000+ mile journey during the Summer of 2019, as she relocated from Nashville, Tennessee to Anchorage, Alaska.

Along the journey, Ellie pulls the curtain back on the day-to-day experience of spending two months living on the road, in daily journal entries.

This book offers readers a glimpse into the full-time travel lifestyle (including camping and hiking, and staying in hotels or private rentals) while addressing ‘tough topics’ like relationships, money, and mental health.

Ellie Oren’s memoir does not offer advice or preachy platitudes. Instead, it serves as an entertaining, heartfelt story about the relatable desire to have an adventure, while grappling with the old cliche: Wherever you go, there you are.

‘Where This Could Take Us’ is available in paperback and ebook on

Ellie Oren is a queer nomadic storyteller and editor. She’s an advocate for honest conversations, mental health awareness, and harnessing intuitive magic to lead a life of thoughtful adventure. Home is wherever she finds herself, with her partner Nathaniel and their orange cat, Crixus. Connect with her on Instagram at @ellie.oren or through her website,

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