Memoir: Living & Loving In The Age Of AIDS – Derek Frost

Russell T. Davies’ series, It’s A Sin, has garnered enormous media attention, and now many people are clamouring to know more about the truths surrounding the early years of the AIDS pandemic, and the large numbers of young people who died.

Renowned designer, Derek Frost, and his husband, Jeremy Norman (‘J’) created The Embassy Club, and Heaven, Europe’s largest and iconic gay dance club, where so many of these young people danced with such joy.

Then J was diagnosed HIV+ in 1991.

In his forthcoming memoir, Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS: A Memoir, Derek writes about their 40-year love story, their lives pre-AIDS, J’s six-year battle to survive AIDS, at a time when so many of their young friends were dying, how they helped to save more than 1,000 HIV+ lives globally, through their charity, AIDS Ark, and about the rich journey that describes their intertwined lives.

Derek wrote this memoir with the conviction that young people would want to know their story. The overwhelming response to It’s A Sin, and the tremendous advance praise for the book, makes it entirely clear that they do.

h/t Tilly Nevin

Living and Loving in the Age of AIDS: A Memoir (13th April; 978-1-7867-8496-4; Watkins / Penguin Random House; $16.95)

“This is a poignant and heart-touching memoir which gives the forty year global HIV pandemic a truly human face.”
— Professor Linda-Gail Bekker, Past President International AIDS Society
”This memoir is incredibly vivid, moving, and compelling.”
— Lord Chris Smith, Master, Pembroke College, Cambridge University
“This book takes us on a journey into the very heart of darkness, and then, as importantly, out of it and beyond.”
— Del Kolve, Professor of English Literature UCLA

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