Video: Paul Middleton’s A-ha Cover is Out Now!

Pop musician Paul Middleton has officially released a cover of A-ha’s classic song, Take on Me. The well-known LGBTQ performer recorded his cover of Take on Me to promote mental health awareness, after the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many people around the globe, Paul has suffered with mental health issues, and has searched for ways to overcome them.

“I noticed within myself and, I’m sure, as many other people did too, the decline of my own mental health,” Paul said. “The lyrics of the chorus, “Take on me, I’ll be gone, in a day or two,” inspired me to take on those feelings, sort of like confronting myself and challenging myself to rise to the occasion. I felt the song was perfect for the time period.”

Paul’s cover of A-Ha’s Take on Me can be found on his official YouTube page. It is taken from ‘Covers 4’, due for release this Summer.

For more information, please visit Middleton’s official Spotify page to find out how to support the inspiring musician.


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