IDGTF 2021: Bursaries for LGBTQ+ writers

dgtf bursaries

The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival comes of age in 2021. They want to celebrate their 18th birthday, but as they have no stages available during the pandemic, the much anticipated festival cannot go on. However, they are determined to continue to support artists and LGBTQ+ theatre at this challenging time. Thanks to the Arts Council and generous donors, who continue to reach out to them, they are excited to renew the very successful 2020 Bursary opportunities, to mark their coming-of-age year. They are delighted to announce a new opportunity for you to get writing (and acting) again! 

The Amy Dalton and Gerry Sinnott (LGBT Ally) Bursaries:

These two awards for new LGBTQ+ themed one or two act plays. Each bursary is to the value of €500, which they hope will assist you to present the play in the festival in 2022. 

The Terrence Mc Nally Bursary:

This is for a new short play of a duration of no more than 30 minutes, with a value of €500. 

The Dublin LGBTQ Pride 2021 Bursary celebrates identity, and may be awarded to more than one writer (with up to a total fund of €1000) plus a place in their book, and in the 2022 programme. 

Help them present more Bursaries, or fund the printing of the book of new plays.

If you would like to sponsor a prize or donate – please do! All funds received will be awarded to the writer, on condition it is shared with the actors and any crew involved in its presentation. Funds will also support the creation of a publication of LGBTQ+ playwriting called ‘The Plays Inside’.  

For more, contact

The Festival is welcoming submissions of new plays.

A few things to keep in mind:
– they accept plays with either an LGBT theme, character, or relevance, such as identity, feminism, or masculinity, by Irish born and/or resident playwrights;
– the plays should be original works and recently written;
– following the publication of ‘The Plays Inside’ their anthology of new plays last year, they intend to publish the successful works in a new anthology, marking their 18th anniversary. You retain the copywright to your work;
– plays should be written either by Irish artists, any artist who is resident or working on the Island of Ireland, and/or those who have an Irish passport, but are resident abroad, are also eligible for these Bursaries;
– all you need to do to qualify for consideration is to email a written script to,
– by submitting your play, you agree to the Festival publishing the play, if awarded a bursary. 

For full details on the bursary programme, the conditions, and history of the namegivers, please visit

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