LGBTQ sportstars: Track & Field

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LGBTQ competitors in track & field have been present since the various elements of the sport have been in existence. They include many national, Olympic and world champions.
Track & Field sports consist of all competitive events that involve the activity of running, throwing and jumping.
Components include short, mid, and long distance track racing, race walking, marathon racing, hurdles, discus and javelin throwing, shot put, high jump, triple jump, and the combination of these sports in decathlon and heptathlon.

LGBTQ competitors in track & field include many national, Olympic, and world champions.
Many have became internationally known personalities because of their presence in their sport. American Babe Didrikson Zaharias was named the female athlete of the twentieth century.
Queerbio have identified notable LGBTQ track & field competitors from around the world, including Ireland’s Denis Finnegan, triple jump.

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