The End Of The Line – Audio Drama

inkjockey presents the second series of THE END OF THE LINE, 12 powerful stories about the way we treat women who don’t have kids, based on true stories.

“Sometimes the answer to why you don’t have kids has to come from a dark place.”

The End of the Line is an audio-fiction podcast, returning for a second series, and featuring an even more diverse cast of voices. 12 women across 12 bite-size monologues, each of whom shares one thing in common – they don’t have children. For some, this is a conscious choice; for others, it simply never happened for a variety of reasons.

Some have experienced loss and trauma, some are happy living a child-free life. All of them, however, feel judged.

Showcasing brand new writing, the characters in each episode are based on true stories, or inspired by the actors featured and their own life experiences.

New episodes are available on all podcast formats, from 23rd March 2021. The End of The Line features award-winning star of stage and screen, Dame Harriet Walter (Downton Abbey, Star Wars, Rocketman), Capital FM presenter, Sarah Story, and Kim Tatum, the director and founder of Mzz Kimberley’s LIFE, which highlights trans performers. Kim is also patron of CliniQ, a health service for the trans and non-binary community, and ambassador for ParaPride.

The creator of The End of the Line, Mark Heywood, was inspired by the intrusive questions people ask him and his wife about why they didn’t have children. The more women he spoke to, the more incredible stories he discovered. Mark collaborated closely with each of the twelve actresses, as well as emerging writer, Helen Cattle, to develop these authentic stories reflecting the hidden experience of so many women.

“We are thrilled that The End of the Line is returning for a second series and we are excited about the stories we have developed”, says Mark Heywood.

“In this new series we will look at issues such as disability, transgender rights, same-sex parents, and self-harm, and examine how these inform the way we treat women who don’t have kids. We are also thrilled to welcome Dame Harriet Walter to the cast. She plays SIAN in an episode written by returning writer, Helen Cattle, who penned BRYONY in series one.”


Format: Audio drama.

Running time: Approximately 12 x 15 minutes.

The next episodes of series two will be available from 23 March 2021.

For more information, go to:

Twitter – @end_line_story

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