LGBTQ Sylas Dean Debut EP ‘American Dreeming’

US small town songwriter, Sylas Dean, has just released his debut EP, American Dreeming, to the tune of synth-driven power pop melodies and earworm hooks, reminiscent of writers such as Max Martin, Ester Dean, and Leland.

A newcomer to the underground power pop scene, among names like Charli XCX and
Slayyyter, LGBTQ artist, Sylas, brings a vintage glam-rock influence to tether the music with all the
spectacle of a Ziggy Stardust persona.

An east coast native from the small town of Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Sylas packed his
car and drove clear across the country, with hundreds of songs in his arsenal, to reinvent
himself as ‘Sylas Dean’. A dance-driven sound, accompanied with vibrant dreamscape
and club kid imagery.

American Dreeming is a celebration of power-pop vocals, with rock and dance-oriented
instrumentals, that feel like you’re right on the floor of any club in downtown Los Angeles.
The music is about exploring love and heartbreak, through the lens of something as
glossy and vibrant as hyper-pop. American Dreeming is about challenging pain through
the power of reinvention. ‘Sylas Dean’ is a colourful dreamlike persona, that leans into the
fantasy of the music.

In collaboration with producers such as Stefan Schonewille, Justin de Vries, Rebbel,
Lemon Splash, and engineered with Ivan Fiallos Zambrano, from Jason Derulo’s ‘Colors’.

You can catch up with Sylas at:


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