BeLonG To: 2020 Annual Report Launch

Screen shot 2021-05-18 at 23.02.19Today, Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Roderic O’Gorman TD launched the BeLonG To 2020 Annual Report. As you will read in the report below, anxiety, isolation, and fear of family rejection increased demand for their support services by 113% in 2020.

They experienced a 360% increase in individual interventions (phone, email, and text support) and a 108% increase in demand for the in-house crisis counselling service they operate with Pieta. Behind these numbers are LGBTI+ young people, experiencing anxiety, stress, and isolation – many of them struggling to cope without their support circles and chosen family.

At BeLonG To, they believe true connection exists in a community, where young people feel valued, safe, and accepted for who they are.

Over the past year, BeLonG To went above and beyond to connect with LGBTI+ young people when they needed them most. They offered support to more LGBTI+ young people than ever before, through their frontline service.

They established a Training and Education Department, and equipped more professionals and organisations to meet the needs of LGBTI+ young people. They continued to campaign to ensure policy formation, and practice is informed by the voice and experiences of LGBTI+ young people, as they witnessed a rise in anti-LGBTI+ rhetoric and the far-right in Ireland.

BeLonG To feel that this would not be possible with you – their generous and dedicated supporters, donors, allies, funders, partners, and friends.

From sharing their tweets, and signposting to their services, to participating in their training and donating to their life-saving work, they thank you. With your ongoing support, they will continue to connect with LGBT+ young people, so that they get the help, care, information, and encouragement they need.


Watch the video below to see how BeLong To supports LGBTQI Youth and their families.

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