Go! Indie: LGBT music platform launches from Denmark



Martin Rasmussen, a gay Danish music nerd, has founded  GO! INDIE, an indie/folk/alternative playlist platform, supporting upcoming artists, including LGBTQ artists, and music from around the world. One of his most popular playlists is the ‘Upcoming LGBT artists An Indie/Folk Playlist’.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5lXIjKwcERAEmQluRSmthP?si=2c7dfdbc01c04cdf

Martin’s main mission: Make the music industry more diverse in both gender and sexuality, by creating playlists with music from female, male, non-binary, gay, lesbian, artists and so on. There is so much talent out there that needs to be found, and needs a helping hand to get heard. That’s why Martin is spending all his spare time looking for upcoming/less-known artists, and contacting cafés, stores, and many other music users that could use his playlists, and stream music, to support the actual artists on a bigger scale in the future.

Martin wants to create momentum for the artists to get heard, and at the same time, for LGBTQ artists to know where to turn to with their new music for help.

This is a totally non-profit project, and Martin says he does it out of passion for amazing music.

The main platform is: instagram.com/goindieplaylist

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