Leitrim Pride: ‘First Time For Everything’ – Let’s Raise the Flag!

Screen shot 2021-06-01 at 23.24.23In a year of firsts for many, Leitrim Pride have another first.This is the first time Leitrim will have a Pride Festival of it’s own! As such, the steering committee of Leitrim Pride has decided to announce their theme for 2021 as:
‘First Time for Everything!’ 
They are very excited with the theme for what is the inaugural Leitrim Pride Weekend, as they celebrate new beginnings and possibilities for members of Leitrim’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex communities, as well as their family and friends.

It has been an incredibly tough two years for all of us, and many have had to face the isolation of the pandemic feeling alone, because they cannot see themselves reflected in the communities around them.
It is for this reason that Leitrim Pride would like your support in asking Leitrim County Council to erect LGBTI+ Pride Flags around the county, and turn their beautiful county into a sea of colour, representing hope.
In particular, they’d like to see Pride flags being flown proudly outside council offices, around by the Shannon walkway, and, with the support of businesses and community stakeholders, show how inclusive their county is!
This is Pride Month, which takes place in June every year, and Leitrim Pride are preparing for their pride celebrations, happening from Friday, August 20th until Sunday, August 22nd, with the main events happening on Saturday, August 21st.
They are currently reaching out to their County Councillors, and looking for your support to help them build into Leitrim Pride the necessary visibility and representation their community needs. To help their efforts, please contact Leitrim Pride by email, declaring your support to raise Pride flags across the county, to showcase the wonderful and inclusive qualities of Leitrim to the world!

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