Clonmel Junction Arts Festival 2021 returns


Clonmel Junction Arts Festival 2021 returns the first week of July, with an exciting new pop-up festival venue – the Junction Dome. In a programme featuring theatre, music, visual arts, literature, and art trails, the festival explores the identity of Clonmel, with a feast of events both in town and online.

Artistic Director Cliona Maher is delighted to be at the helm of the biggest arts event in her native Clonmel.

“We’re very excited to hear that we may be able to have live audiences in our magical new Festival Dome as we have some fantastic theatre and music events planned there. The programme is designed to explore the identity of Clonmel – which I consider to be the hidden gem of Munster – in creative and innovative ways. We want to bring the town to life with our outdoor visual arts installations and audio trails, and all paths will lead to the Dome”.

One of the main objectives is to provide a platform for the artists, musicians, and writers living and working in Clonmel. In the twenty years since the festival started, there have been so many visiting artists who have delighted audiences, but it has also given the local creative community a chance to shine.

From the very first Junction Festival, there has been excitement created by having all these great theatre and music events on the doorstep! The great experiment last year in moving into the online world continues, as everything that is presented in the Dome will be live-streamed so no matter where you are, you can catch up with Clonmel Junction Arts Festival.

A junction, a meeting point, a crossroads. The crossroads in mythology is a space between worlds – a magical place – and the Junction Arts Festival team hope that Clonmel will inspire, delight and surprise audiences this Summer, from Saturday 3rd– Sunday 11th July 2021.

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