BeLonG To: Rainbow Blood

1 in 5 people who identify as LGBTI+ have been physically attacked because of their sexuality.

On Friday last, BelonG To held the attention of the nation for 60 seconds to deliver ‘Rainbow Blood’.

Working with Boys+Girls, they asked the talented spoken word artist, Felicia Olusnaya, to reimagine ‘Over The Rainbow’, as they campaign for an end to violence experienced by the LGTBI+ community, and a safer future.

This incredible piece of spoken word was composed and performed by Felicia. Supported by IBI and RTE, these important words were heard by 2 million people across the country, on almost every single Irish radio station. You can hear the powerful piece above.

As Pride month draws to a close, the ‘Rainbow Blood’ campaign reminds us just how important it is to mark Pride, and continue to work together towards true equality for the LGBTI+ community.

Pride is needed until everyone can truly feel equal and safe in Irish society.

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