NY: New Installation Captures realities of closeted individuals


In & Out

An A/V installation commemorating Pride

Filmmaker Eden Alexis Martinez releases the video installation, In & Out, the first of a short documentary series at  & Other Stories (505 Fifth Avenue). To commemorate pride and in partnership with & Other Stories In & Out is an audio/video installation that captures the evolution of multi-generational LGBQ individuals’ feelings, whilst embracing their identity and culture. The multi-generational subjects allow us to see the evolution of societal & self acceptance from being closeted to being out.

One interviewee, Bradley Chambers, states:

“Our parents do not teach us that love is not monolithic. There’s no one way to love. You don’t love your parents, your family, your friends, and your partner cause sometimes you may just have bummy family. Loving yourself is so important.”

Martinez’ reflects on the complexities of her own coming own story, and the intent of the film:

I “came out” to my family at twenty seven. My journey was never to seek their approval, but to achieve self acceptance. Raised with a strict religious upbringing, it took time to embrace my identity. As I discovered myself I was able to introduce my family to seeing the world through my eyes. Honest conversations about this evolution were crucial to our communal growth. It’s these types of conversations (both internal and external) that this video is intent on inspiring. 

In & Out will be available for viewing until June 30 2021, at & Other Stories, located on 505 fifth avenue.

For more information on In & Out, visit www.edenmartinez.com

Eden Alexis Martinez is a Lower East Side-born, LGBTQ, Puerto Rican-American filmmaker, whose work explores intersectionality and identity.  Her films are a vehicle for truth telling and magic. Martinez’ work challenges viewers to deeper empathy for marginalised voices, and to recognise the inter-connectedness of the human experience. 

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