Hard Hitting AIDS Documentary ‘AFTER 82’ US Launch & Interview

Real-life documentary about HIV London in the 1980s has launched in the US

Documentary creators, Steve Keeble and Ben Lord’s recent interview will be aired on the Derek Duvall Show today, Wednesday, Aug 11th, at 7am CST.

From last Friday, 30th July, millions of It’s A Sin fans in the United States are able to watch the moving real-life documentary, charting the 1980s London AIDS epidemic, AFTER 82.

The film features interviews with some of the key figures of the day, including Lord Fowler and Dr Rupert Whitaker, who agreed to take part in the film to recall their stories exclusively for the production.

“AFTER 82 brings to the screen the untold personal stories of the AIDS crisis in the UK. Narrated by Dominic West, this incredible documentary looks back to the very early days of the pandemic when there were no medications, and a positive HIV test meant almost certain death”.

Filmmakers and former BBC actors, Steve Keeble and Ben Lord, bravely spent five emotional years creating the AIDS documentary, using first-hand deeply personal accounts, from the people who were at the epicentre of the virus which killed hundreds of young men in its first years.

This is the first time notable figures of the time had spoken publicly about what really happened.

Previously recognised for their work in British Television, partners Steve and Ben’s project first started out as a short film, which was to only feature a friend’s father talking about his experiences of living with HIV. Soon, word grew, and many significant figures came forward, asking if they could take part in the film, wanting to be heard.

To this day, there are still no monuments to the AIDS crisis in London, despite now over 32 million deaths from AIDS-related illnesses worldwide. Thousands live with HIV, leading normal and healthy lives, yet 40 years ago, it was a vastly different story. The truth had to be told.

Director and Producer of AFTER 82, Steve Keeble, says:

“Over the years, I had pushed the horror of what I (personally) went through to the back of my mind until I started working on the film. Never again will some of these people share their stories on camera. Thankfully, this moment in history, which was destined to be buried forever, is now ready to be told to generations to come.”

Keeble and Lord aim to donate a generous percentage of royalties, from the release of the film, to help build the AIDS Memorial & Education Centre, a project which will see a permanent memorial and education centre erected for those lost to AIDS.

AFTER 82 was released in the US on Friday 30th July 2021, and is available now on:


More information about the project can be found at:



Ben Lord
Ben has directed and scripted the actors Stephen Fry and Dominic West for ‘After 82’ a 82 Film Production. His other credits include Co-Director/Producer on Faith, Hope and Charity recorded live in 2012 for archival purposes at Southwark Playhouse London and included an interview with the translator Christopher Hampton the Oscar, BAFTA and Tony Award winner.

Steve Keeble
Steve moved into Directing and has recently completed the documentary ‘After 82’ the first major project of 82 Films the company he co-founded with Ben Lord. The documentary follows the HIV/Aids pandemic in the U.K. and features many interviews with long term HIV survivors who share their stories and experiences.
Their involvement with ‘After 82 ‘ has led to Steve & Ben giving various talks around the country including in London, The Reading Rooms in Soho, The Actors Church Covent Garden, The Wellcome Trust and The Houses of Parliament.

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