Music Video: Stefan Varga – Identity (LGBT-themed)

A new and unknown artist, Stefan Varga, based in Malta, has been releasing music for little less than a year.

Now he has released an LGBTQ-themed single, Identity, which went on sale on Friday last.





This year, after reading about so many horrific attacks on gay men around the world, being killed for simply being who they are, Stefan felt he must become more active. He moved to Malta from the UK, where he had lived for 11 years, and knows that both countries are quite accepting of LGBTIQ+ communities, however, there are still way too many attacks happening elsewhere in the world.

“People need educating. They need to have their eyes opened” he says. As an LGBTIQ+ artist, Stefan thinks his role is to address such issues via music.

“Music has power to heal. The power to speak to people”, he says.

September is a pride month in Malta. With very limited funds, this video was assembled in a very short period of time. However. he tried to include as diverse a part of the community as possible. He hopes he didn’t leave anyone out.

“I have focused on the + part of our LGBTIQ+ since often asexual & pansexual parts of our community are forgotten. The video is full of symbolism, and includes colours and objects which many may recognise. It includes refugees, trans activist, couple, older generation, some participants who just came out, different ethnic groups, colours and even straight community”.

“Giving something back to the community is very important to me. When I was growing up (as I’m originally from Slovakia) I couldn’t come out to anyone whilst living there, as I was always shown that the only normal way of living is for man + woman. I was confused, and I thought I was not normal. I was hoping I will grow up from this phase and can start living a ‘normal’ life like everyone else. As the time was passing I realised this is as normal as it gets, and if I wish to live a normal life, I have to leave my country and live somewhere where I’ll be accepted, I moved to the UK at the age of 21”.

“Identity” is a Pride song which was written by a young British producer Stephen Sims. Identity is a cry for being respected, understood, it’s speaking to the soul of people and telling them our side of story. Identity represents all colours of the rainbow flag.

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