BeLonG To: Better Out Than In – Life Opens Up When You Do…

When worries and fears have nowhere to go, they bounce around inside your head, and get amplified more, until they become larger than life. It’s when you share these thoughts that you realise they are far Better Out Than In.

BeLonG To have recently seen a huge increase in the number of LGBTI+ young people reaching out for support about their mental health – with a 113% increase in demand for their support services in the past year.

With this campaign, they are encouraging LGBTI+ young people to continue to reach out about their worries and fears  – no matter how big or small.

They have created an online hub, to direct LGBTI+ youth to a range of free, confidential, support services. 

They have also collaborated with some of your favourite LGBTI+ activists, TikTokers, and athletes, to talk about the importance of opening up about their mental health, including Celtic Tigress and Yasmin Benoit.

Check out their videos on our hub.

Will you share their hub and these vital support services with your friends, family and LGBTI+ young people in your life? Let them know that they are not alone.

BeLonG To know that anxiety and depression can form part of the LGBTI+ youth experience, and they want to send a message to LGBTI+ young people that this doesn’t mean they just have to accept it, and struggle alone.

Asking for help is not something to be feared. It is life-saving and life-affirming.

BeLonG To are driving home a vital message with this campaign – that life opens up when you do.

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