“eile /’el-ə/ – other, another, different; more, else”

– [An Gúm Irish-English Dictionary]

EILE Magazine was established with one goal in mind: To build a new, independent online platform for LGBT+ news, opinions, arts, and community information for the island of Ireland, with contributors and partners from around the world.

Launched in Dublin in 2013, EILE Magazine takes its name from the Irish (Gaelic) word for other. Our small and wholly-voluntary team prides itself on maintaining a reliable, trustworthy and regular source of LGBT news for readers in Ireland and abroad. Our website, eile.ie, is updated daily, while we publish bi-monthly digital issues, tailored for desktop, tablet, mobile, and via the Issuu app.

EILE partners with established LGBT media such as This Way Out in the U.S., and we have proudly supported Irish community initiatives over the years, such as the Dublin Bears, the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, and various pride events in Ireland. We are also a member of the Gay European Travel Association.

If you think you can provide something that LGBT+ media just doesn’t have yet – whether that’s through words, sounds or images – let us know. Simply contact our newsdesk and remember to include your contact details in your message.

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