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EILE Magazine welcomes submissions on LGBT lifestyle, current affairs, arts & culture (including music, film and theatre reviews) and sports. We’re also looking for photographers and audio/video packages to help develop EILE as a multimedia platform for the LGBT community.

PLEASE NOTE: EILE Magazine does not, under any circumstances, accept articles, infographics or other content from marketing companies acting on behalf of a third-party client. 


  • must include link(s) to their social media or website (in order to verify identity)
  • must be 18 years of age or over

Please note that at all contributors (and editors) at EILE are volunteers; we are not in a position to pay for any content.

We also accept one-off articles or opinion-pieces on particular events or subjects of interest to the LGBT community.

How to apply:

Please do not email requesting permission to submit an article first!

Just submit the article of 500-800 words to:


and if suitable, we will publish it.

If you are submitting content for our monthly editions, please note that the deadline for such content is the 20th of each month.

We will edit the material where necessary, so there is no need to worry about grammar, etc. However, we would appreciate it if the article is written with ‘Spellcheck’ on if you are unsure of your spelling, as correcting spellings takes time when editing.

Thanks in advance!


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